About Us



Kevue.com is an online marketplace that empowers customers to vote with their wallet. We are a quadruple bottom line Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to make the world a better place.

Our Core Values:

1. We Are Better Together. There is so much good in this world and we want to elevate the brands that are working to make it a better. Kevue.com brings ethical and socially conscious brands into one marketplace to help improve our customers buying experience and extend our collective good.

2. Do Well by Doing Good. Our mission is to improve the world with a quadruple bottom line focus — People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit. All of our brand partners are inspired by doing well by doing good.

3. Supporting Our Customer Causes. Kevue.com donates 10% of revenue to causes that matter to our customers. These non-profit organizations include St Jude, the Pat Tillman Foundation, and Captain America.

4. Supporting Our Partner Causes. Kevue.com donates 10% of profits to causes that matter to the brands we work with. Our brand partners are passionate about contributing to organizations such as the National Park Foundation, St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, and Culture for One.

If we truly care about the success of our economy, the small businesses that make our communities great, and the impact we each have on our environment, it is time to make conscious decisions about where and how we spend our money.

At Kevue.com, we are committed to ensuring every purchase you make is doing something good. We are better together, and it is time to show the world that there is a better, more positive way to do business!

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