A Colony in a Nation

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"An essential and groundbreaking text in the effort to understand how American criminal justice went so badly awry." —Ta-Nehisi Coates, author of Between the World and Me

In A Colony in a Nation, New York Times best-selling author and Emmy Award–winning news anchor Chris Hayes upends the national conversation on policing and democracy. Drawing on wide-ranging historical, social, and political analysis, as well as deeply personal experiences with law enforcement, Hayes contends that our country has fractured in two: the Colony and the Nation. In the Nation, the law is venerated. In the Colony, fear and order undermine civil rights. With great empathy, Hayes seeks to understand this systemic divide, examining its ties to racial inequality, the omnipresent threat of guns, and the dangerous and unfortunate results of choices made by fear.

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Chris Hayes
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06 Mar 2018
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Even if you may already be aware of this persistent problem, this book is a real eye opener how people of color are systematically discriminated, incarcerated and disenfranchised. It should be a must read for everyone. We need to realize this reality and then make change!
Provides historical context of the current dual system of societal advancement and justice, based on ethnicity and wealth, that currently exists in US society today. Uses personal experience and recent historical events to illuminate hard truths, and asks the reader to examine their own level of participation in perpetuating the status quo.
Chris turned a clear bright light on Ferguson and it's etiology among other profound tellings of other blacks lost lives at hands of police.
This book is fascinating and offers a good liberal perspective on issues revolving around the African American community. However, the author has a strong liberal bias, cites facts that are not accurate, and uses simplistic arguments about the American Revolution in an attempt to carry his points. Highly recommend that you read it to be informed and to gain ideas from it.
This book was a good read. The facts were spot on with honesty and tact. I am in agreement with the fact that one groups fear is determining public policy and law enforcement.
This book offers a thought provoking look at race, power, law and order and how the author assesses American culture. Well worth reading.
Chris's easy writing style only makes the glaring inequalities in our system more obvious. I couldn't put the book down, and when I finally did I felt like I could never look at our justice system in the same way.
Chris Hayes’ prose is beautifully crafted and he deftly weaves metaphors and imagery with ease that shocked me with its fluidity of it all. The way he broke it all down as well as built everything back up again was incredible. Connecting history with literature and art, activism with philosophy and first hand accounts, his way of painting the truth of our country is complex and inspiring. Definitely glad I finally got to it.
Not knowing a whole lot about American history, this book delves into significant events that have shaped America and its political system. Having read this book I am now all the more knowledgeable and can relate much better to what is happening right now in this country.
Chris makes some very good points, and in a way I hadn't quite looked at this issue. Good writing, both personal and statistical. I hope some day our country can move past this point and treat all equally, but after having the presidency stolen by a racist puppet of Putin, it will take even longer. It is shocking and disturbing how many in our country share his twisted views.
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A Colony in a Nation
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