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Caring for Our Environment and Building a Business During the Pandemic, with Victoria Carpenter

Victoria Carpenter is a U.K.-based schoolteacher with a passion for health and environmental sustainability. The characteristics that enable her to connect with her students and help them develop a passion for learning are the same characteristics that have enabled her to build a successful skincare brand. Carpenter believes that the powers of hard work and dedication are key in accomplishing anything. Equally important, she notes, is that one must find joy in their work if they truly want to be successful. 

Victoria Carpenter is the founder and CEO of the plant-based skincare brand, Happy Carrot. On a recent episode of the Vote With Your Wallet Podcast, we sat down with Victoria to discuss the mission and vision of Happy Carrot, how she turned a passion into a successful business, and what it has been like to build her business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Happy Carrot is Victoria Carpenter’s passion project on a mission to provide clean, plant-based, and cruelty-free skincare products. She began developing her own skincare products out of a desire to reduce her consumption of plastics for a better environment. Like many of us who live in a world of overconsumption, Carpenter found herself buying too many single-use items, especially products related to personal hygiene.  Through a lot of trial and error, including a stint of developing adult acne, Carpenter landed on a formula and product that she and many others around the world are now obsessed with.

Victoria Carpenter - Happy Carrot Founder & CEO

Happy Carrot’s mantra is simple—happy skin, happy planet. This is what Victoria Carpenter is dedicated to sharing. She prefers to upcycle the materials and ingredients used in her products to reduce land waste and improve the environment. Many of these items include plant seeds that would otherwise have made it to the landfill, including tomatoes, raspberries, watermelons, cherries, and apricots. The seeds are cold pressed extracting the most amazing natural oils for her products. 

Carpenter shares that while she has outsourced the product development to a professional manufacturer in Madrid, she is solely in charge of sourcing the ingredients and all the business’ day-to-day operations including marketing and financial management. All of this, while still maintaining her current role as a schoolteacher. Oh, and during a global pandemic! 

Carpenter is the first to admit that running a business is extremely hard and tiring, though she wouldn’t trade a single day of it. She tells us that she has been one of the lucky ones during the COVID-19 pandemic, as much of her business prior to the pandemic had been through online sales. She does miss the social connections of attending street fairs and farmer’s markets and allowing first-time buyers to try the product and ask questions in-person, but she is hopeful that she will have these opportunities again soon. 

Victoria Carpenter is proud and endlessly amazed at the success that she has had with Happy Carrot. She is encouraged that people want to buy her product not only because it is effective, but because it is good for the Earth. She has dedicated her time to ensuring all sustainable practices are followed and all the ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. 

Happy CarrotHappy Carrot is Leaping Bunny Certified, which is a testament to how Carpenter runs her business. Leaping Bunny is the gold-standard of cruelty-free product certification. The Leaping Bunny Certification was developed by a band of eight national animal protection groups coming together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The internationally recognized standard has helped consumers identify animal-friendly products for almost two decades.

Carpenter will admit that while she is limiting herself from entering certain markets where products are tested on animals, she has an obligation to herself and to the environment to provide a product that is for the betterment of our planet.

Through hard work, dedication, and at times, failure, Victoria Carpenter has earned her success. She says that her best advice for new business owners or entrepreneurs is to first identify whether your passion is a priority. If it isn’t a priority, then keep that passion as a hobby because you don’t want to lose something you love over being too stressed or overwhelmed, or feeling guilty when you realize that maybe it isn’t even a passion at all. 

Carpenter leaves us with words of encouragement. She believes that sometimes you must simply take a leap of faith. She says that there will undoubtedly be times of utter exhaustion and defeat but knowing that you are being called to do something great should be the impetus to continue ahead. Through either success or failure, the decision to try something new is only going to make us stronger and that is a beautiful thing.

To learn more about Happy Carrot and to check out Victoria’s favorite product, the Incredible Carrot Hero Balm, visit www.happycarrotskincare.com.


Content written by Nicole Pepper.

Nicole Pepper is a content writer with a passion for improving people’s lives. She has a background in health and wellness and non-profit management and has built her professional career around fostering healthier communities. She resides in Houston, TX with her family where they enjoy spending time outdoors. She and her husband work hard instill care and compassion for others and our environment in their two small boys.