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It's more than just a shirt.

It’s more than just a t-shirt. — One of the best ways to spread your message is to wear it. It’s a billboard advertising what you believe in. A way for you to align to a cause. Wearing one is like branding yourself and you can't not read it from 200 yards, and once you've seen it they have a tendency to stick with you awhile. But that’s the simple part. Being informed, taking actions and having a discussion around a particular cause is the meaningful part.

Scarlett Johansson speaking at a Time's Up rally against the abuse of women in Hollywood

Why the shirt?

Why the shirt. It’s not news to any of us that social media is used as a key venue to engage in civic-related activities. One of the more prominent recent examples is the role it played in the emergence of the Me Too movement aimed at raising awareness around sexual harassment and assault. Social media is an important venue that gives voice to social movements but it’s not the only tool at our disposal.

We believe that sustainable change occurs in the places we live, work, and play. Discussions with our neighbors at the coffee shop, the gym, or the kid’s birthday party. Our tees provides the bridge to the issues and affords us a way to have meaningful discussions in a very authentic and organic way.

With every purchase

- Proceeds donated to a charity that support each respective goal
- An explanation of the contents and the cause they support
- A tee that is thought-provoking, bold, and starts a dialogue
- Information that gives you talking points to discuss your cause with others
- A list of resources to dig deeper to be better informed

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